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Social Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology


Social Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology

This Social Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology is an era of globalization where modernization in all sectors is crucial due to social changes and the continuous demand for a quality life. It is the duty and moral obligation of all industries to help provide a better lifestyle social entrepreneurship for those who are less fortunate and need your help. Under such conditions one must be inventive altruistic have the qualities of a businessman and have a scientific opinion. Biotechnology as such is a field that can contribute to various people regarding social entrepreneurship money as well as their inventions.



This industry has grown tremendously over the years and has help people find hope and restore their faith in humanity with its uses in genetics agriculture food medicine and healthcare. Biotechnology and social entrepreneurship can go hand in hand.

Products Consumers Entrepreneurship

For example consumers are motivate to choose biotech products by offering better healthcare options at lower costs. In this way biotechnology organizations can help low-income communities towards better health and by purchasing. Their products social entrepreneurship consumers indirectly promote the company’s brand. The creation of employment opportunities intellectual prosperity and the expansion of industrial growth are some of the absorbing factors. That guarantee a focus approach for this sector resulting social entrepreneurship in an overall benefit of biotechnology for the society.

Improving Social Entrepreneurship the Quality

Scientific entrepreneurs often lack managerial skills industry experience and contacts despite having members with administrative backgrounds; so there is a critical area that requires some work. Solutions to certain social problems such as improving social entrepreneurship the quality of health economic political and cultural problems relate to poverty often require fundamental changes of biotechnology in the political economic and social system.

A social entrepreneur brings change to the social system by using his work and business to address that problem. This ingenious creativity represents social entrepreneur ship. Therefore it can be state that the networking approaches observe by biotechnology companies. In terms of social entrepreneurship will combine behavioral traits that are archetypal for biotech entrepreneurs and will include other characteristics. That respond to the conditions found in their particular environment.

Entrepreneurship Innovation System

An excellent management team can provide the skills necessary biotechnology to manage and coordinate scientific and business operations. Social entrepreneurship and can also help maintain good organizational power. A key area in which social entrepreneurs play an important role. Is the commercialization of research results from the biotechnology industry which justifies sustainable growth. A local innovation system social entrepreneurship that works in terms of the links between companies and knowledge organizations can be the stimulus for this implementation.

Sustainability Social Entrepreneurship of Latin

For example Juan David and Alicia Carpi launch Roomer Biotechnology active Fixings a technology-base social initiative social entrepreneurship. They witness the state of the people regarding their farms and unfair labor agreements in Peru so they design. A sustainable and socially responsible way of working with resources in Latin America. They offer raw materials and ingredients to produce organic products and improve human. Well-being while promoting the economic and social sustainability social entrepreneur ship biotechnology of Latin American producers.

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