Top Engineering Fields Technological Innovations

Mechanical Technology

Top Engineering Fields Technological Innovations


Top Engineering Fields Technological Innovations

The Top Engineering Fields Technological Innovations that feed each other make the world an



increasingly exciting place and will see the emergence of new technical areas to replace old ones. These are just some of the sectors that are increasingly catching the imagination.

Renewable energy: The need to reduce our dependence on unsustainable fuel sources is widely recognized. So as oil and gas production decline in the coming years, solar, wind and tidal energy are waiting behind the scenes to take their place.

Potential for Developing

More exotic is also the potential for developing a hydrogen economy based on the widespread use of fuel cell technology. However, this will require significant investment to create a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure.

Advance Manufacturing – Processes are certainly becoming more and more sophisticate and require highly train and skill engineers to create a generation of new materials, such as ‘self-healing composites’, that will become important components of our future aircraft, ships and spaceships. This sector will also see the development of new roles, such as mechatronics engineering, that will bring expertise in a number of disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electronics, control engineering and informatics, to the product design process.

Mechanical Engineering

Robotics and artificial intelligence: Robots may still seem like science fiction stuff to many, but the field

is evolving rapidly, with some experts believing that robotics technology will transform many jobs in just

a decade. For example, robotic arms are already used to perform precision surgery rather than leaving

them to the human hand. In the not too distant future, this will not only require engineers to become

experts in the maintenance of robots, but also create innovative solutions for everyday needs, such as the

production of “portable robot” -driven exoskeletons that can move large objects.

science fiction

Nanotechnology: The science of ‘micro-small’ will be use more and more widely and in larger and larger

projects, which fundamentally changes the way we do things. When combined with biotechnology,

information technology and cognitive science, collectively known as NBICs, countless opportunities will

arise for engineers in all possible fields. With this innovative technology, it even provides the ability to

reprogram our body ‘software’ to allow us to live longer and transfer the security of death to the history


Space exploration:

The eerie days of the moon’s landing may well be half a century behind us, but it’s only a matter of time

before our exploration of space begins in earnest again. The recent Mars landing program, which emits

such dramatic images of the planet’s surface, will do its part to ignite the human imagination to once

again become ‘daring’ and but also from again provoke all sorts of technical challenges.

Green Engineering:

will increasingly focus on solving our planet’s environmental problems using technological means. This

will include finding ways to irrigate crops in arid areas, providing off-grid energy in remote areas and

finding innovative ways to deal with climate change, e.g. By using depleted oil deposits deep in the

ground to bind carbon.

These fields are only the tip of the iceberg of technology, and if only some of the predictions about them

come true, their are also that use either site world in just a decade or two could be a completely different place.

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